Harvinder Singh Bindra: Taxi Driver, Coin Collecter and Astrologer


I have more than 120 coins now, even I don’t know where they are from. Because I just know English and Indian language. I can’t say about Japanese, Korean and Chinese, but I collect them. I collect from the people who come in my cab, from all over the world. How many countries you have been?

Mmm, I’m not sure, maybe about ten. Quite a few… but where are you from?

I’m from Delhi, Maam. I started driving many years back.

How do you like driving?

[He laughed] It was in my destiny. I can drive truck also. But it was in destiny to be driving. I have seen ninety-five percent of north India. I have just not seen those two, Leh and Ladakh. Otherwise I have seen the entire here and there north area.

Aside from collecting coins, I have many other hobbies. My second hobby is astrology. I’ve been reading books for more than 30 years. I can make charts. I can predict. In my free time I like to see movies too: Indian old movies. That’s my third hobby. And what do you do? After writing, what do you do?

Mmm, I like music. I like to play music. But what do I do? Well, I’m passionate about the things I write about. I like to write people’s stories.

What kind?

I like to ask people about their lives.

You should write about me!

I should write about you! I would love to write about you.

My life is not a normal life.

It doesn’t sound like a normal life.

The doctor told my wife you can’t be a mother. I have three children. But my first daughter was a test tube baby.


Yes. She’s now more than fifteen and a half. I have traveled a lot to north India, as well as south for my personal travel. I can’t tell you all these things in one day, but they are good stories. You would like to hear them.

I would love to hear them. What is your name?

My name is Harvinder Singh Bindra. You can see my picture on the internet. If you put my name you’ll see my picture there. A lot of tourists have taken my picture when they come in my cab.

Wow, well maybe I will write your story.

What is your first name?


Big brain.

Haha, no!


Just many questions.

From your name I’m telling you. You have a lot of energy. Yes. You are a hard worker. You have a lot of energy. A lot of secrets of people in your mind. Yes. Your name tells me this. So this is nearby where you want to go.

[I laughed, and we paused for a while as he looked for directions]

So you have three children?

I have three daughters, one son. She’s 15 and a half now. She’s good at study. She wrote an essay for how to save fuel and she won a prize. 30 thousand rupees, from Indian Oil. Last year she went to Chandigarh for an oil saving program there.

How amazing. That’s wonderful. What is her name?

Anmol. Same to you. The first two alphabets are important.

You must be somewhere here. Maybe right one here. Yes, here we are, Triveni Sangham Marg.

[We exchanged details so that I could call him again soon]

“Thank you so much, Mr. Bindra, I look forward to meeting you again”, I said as he drove away from the curb.


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